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Shimon Peres, Maariv,, 29/March/2010:

"Your words from last night touched everyone, because they are so true. When I see your family, I can understand the secret of the State of Israel's success. This dedication, strength, and depth, both with consideration and devotion." "…[I] feel that this story is like one of the major stories from the Bible. This event brings up both grief and pride.”


Rabbi Rafi Peretz, Yediot Aharonot,, 28/March/2010:

"In the place from which you were taken from us, I heard the G-d and the heavens crying for the son that was taken, one of our best students.


Ehud Barak, Channel 2 news,, 29/March/2010:

"The devotion of the Peretz family is magnificent. Your strength is an example for all of Israel.“


Bugi Yaalon,, 5/May/2010:

"Eliraz was a link in a long and magnificent chain of Jewish soldiers battling for the freedom and existence of Israel. We have lost the privilege of living with one of a generation of [Jewish] revival, a a generation in which a person like him lived."